The Most Important Lesson Of All

Feb 5, 2020 639

Your eternal destiny depends on learning the lessons of forgiveness.

When I was at school, I studied maths. I learnt all about advanced algebra, trigonometry, and solving quadratic equations. But you know what? After I left school, I never used any of it again, and I forgot it all.

But some lessons we should never forget, and high up on that list are the lessons of forgiveness: your own need of forgiveness, and the cost of forgiveness.

King David learnt his own need of forgiveness when he woke up one day and realised what he had become – an adulterer and a murderer.

Then David learnt the cost of forgiveness when his own son rebelled against him, and David realised that he would have given his own life in order to save his son.

So David learnt how free forgiveness is from God, and how costly it was to God, whose gave his Son for us at Calvary. Your eternal destiny depends on learning the lessons of forgiveness well.

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