Was Jesus Illegitimate?

Feb 5, 2020 809

Your legitimacy and destiny depends upon Christ’s.

Back in Jesus’ day, there was a lot of stigma attached to being what they used to call “illegitimate.”  And I’m sure Joseph had a lot to worry when he agreed to marry Mary, who was already pregnant.

Because of the unusual circumstances of his birth, Jesus was accused from the very beginning of having been born illegitimately. The Gospels in the Bible aren’t afraid of recording the accusations, and these rumours continued throughout the history of early Christianity.

He never claimed to be the son of Joseph, but instead he claimed to be the legitimate Son of God.

We live in a culture that rejects the legitimacy of Jesus in a million ways. But here’s the thing, your own legitimacy and destiny depends upon Christ’s. Because if Jesus really was the Son of God, then the gates of heaven have been opened wide for you, and all who believe in him.

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