The Big Question 20: Is Christianity Just The Same As Other Religions?

Sep 28, 2021 81

Is Christianity just the same as other religions? No, it most definitely isn’t. There are several key concepts that set it apart from every other faith in the world.

Difference of Christianity to other religions

The first difference is that Christianity is a public faith. Most other belief systems are based on someone who supposedly received a private revelation from God, and who then told others to believe it. But it is based on what Jesus said and did, and everything he said and did was done publicly and verifiably.

The second difference is that Christianity is a historic faith. By that, I mean that the essential foundations of can be verified by the facts of history. You can identify the people, places, and events mentioned in the New Testament in history.

The third difference between Christianity and most other religions is that it’s based on the idea of God who came to earth. Almost all other faith systems throughout history are based on a god who is up there somewhere. But it talks about a God who loves people so much that he comes to meet you where you’re at.

The fourth difference is that it’s based on a Saviour who rose from the dead. This was a completely ridiculous idea, unknown in the ancient world. That’s why the early Christians were persecuted.

The fifth difference between Christianity and other religions is the concept of grace. In all other faith systems, the love of God is conditional. Only this religion has its heart of God who is kind and merciful to those who don’t deserve it, just because that’s the way he is.

The sixth difference is that the proof of Christianity is in the lives that it has transformed. And I’m one of them.

I believe there are lots of differences between Christianity as compared to other faith.

What I stated here are just some of the definite reasons why it is not the same as other religions. And for me, each of those is a great reason for being a follower of Jesus.

Difference of Christianity

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