How To Be Perfect

Apr 17, 2019 969

When we repent, God looks at us through the Cross.


Wouldn’t it be great if you were a totally optimised, perfect version of you? Well, even with the billion dollar self-improvement industry to help, that’s not possible for anyone.

So what’s this we read about King David in the Bible? He was a pretty ugly character at times. But God said:

You see my servant David, he kept all my commands and followed me with all his heart, and he only did what was right in my eyes (1 Kings 14:8, my para).

Did God have selective amnesia? How could he say that about a man who was an adulterer and a murderer?

Simply – because David repented. And when we repent, God counts us as sinless for Christ’s sake. God looks at us through the Cross, and he sees us as perfect.

So, by all means, become the best possible version of you, but never forget that it’s Christ’s perfection, not yours, that’s the basis of your acceptance by God.

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