Laugh With Joy

May 1, 2019 1105

Impossible joy can be yours!


I had a hard time being born. Before I came into the world, my mum suffered several miscarriages over a period of ten years. So imagine her joy when I was finally born!

In the Bible, Abraham and his wife Sarah tried to have a baby for a lot longer than ten years. And when they were both old, and their son was finally born, they called him Isaac.

It means “laughter.” That’s a great name for a child who must have brought them so much joy and happiness.

God had promised them a son, and they held on to that promise, no matter how impossible it seemed.

But Isaac was just an anticipation of another little child who would bring impossible joy and laughter to the whole world – the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

And if you believe in his promises, even if they seem impossible, then impossible joy will be yours as well.

Yes, you’ll laugh – you’ll laugh with joy!

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