Our Representative

Nov 29, 2018 1187

Here is some great news: Jesus is your representative.


There are some things for which you just need a representative. I had to go to court once, and because I wasn’t a lawyer, I needed someone to represent me in the court. The lawyer acted on my behalf.

It’s impossible to understand the story of Jesus unless you understand that in everything he did, he was your representative.

The Bible puts it this way. Adam and Eve were the representatives of the human race. But they stuffed up, and as a result, all of us fell under God’s judgment.

Then Jesus came into the world as our second representative, one who would do what Adam and Eve couldn’t do – live a perfect life and free us from God’s judgment through his death and resurrection.

Thanks to Jesus – your representative – not only is the debt of sin paid, but you can look forward to a heavenly inheritance that will never spoil or fade away.

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