The Great Invitation – Uganda Chapter

The Great Invitation – Uganda Chapter

Location: Nakapiripirit  District

Contact: Pr. Topos Ramson Hillary

Contact Number: +256773472470

Email: [email protected]

Details: We take the gospel to the young people in diverse locations where they are often found in their free time. This is the same strategy when it comes to the old people as well. The gospel goes to them. This effort has been blessed by JESUS ONLY, a book that goes with me everywhere my daily routine takes me.  I am one of those privileged to be hosting some boxes of  Jesus Only, both in English and Luganda in my home. For many years  I sold books as a literature evangelist to raise fees for my seminary training, but now I travel miles distributing JESUS ONLY as a gift, a wonderful and the best gift. My joy is beyond measure.