Seemingly Small, Infinitely Loved

May 1, 2019 1189

God is bigger than the stresses and troubles of life. 


I’ve spent all my life under city lights. But my holiday of choice is to go camping under the stars.

There’s just something about staying up late around a fire, and gazing up at the magnificent Milky Way, blazing across the sky from horizon to horizon. If you live in the country, perhaps you take it for granted. But I don’t.

I know that some people look up and see just astronomy. I look up and see God. I guess it’s all about perspective.

We need a sense of perspective in life, don’t we? The stresses and troubles of life can often seem too big for us.

When I look up, I remember that my God is bigger. I remember that God has not forgotten us. By sending his Son Jesus from heaven to this world for you, he showed just how important you are to him. And he gave his life to prove it.

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Jul 9, 2019

Amen, My father God is good all the Time!

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