The Big Question 33: How Can I Be Saved?

Mar 18, 2019 740

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How can I be saved?

One day, I was swimming at the beach. I had swum way out past the breakers. The sun was shining and the sea was nice and calm. What could possibly go wrong? I was seventeen, after all.

As I floated there, looking toward the shore, I saw a figure coming toward me. As it came closer, I saw that it was someone paddling on a board, wearing a red and yellow cap. I just floated lazily in the water and I wondered what he was doing.

I found out he was a lifesaver and he’d come to rescue me, before I got caught up in a dangerous current and dashed against some rocks. I had to take hold of that board and let the lifesaver take me back to safety. And I’d never even known that I was in danger!

One issue with the Christian teaching of salvation is that most people, like me that day at the beach, don’t think they need to be saved.

When the lifesaver came to me, he didn’t give me a list of rules and conditions I had to follow before he would consider saving me. In fact, he made it all very simple. All he did was warn me of the danger, and he offered to save me. And then I had to accept his offer.

It really is that simple. The Bible says in Acts 16:31,

“Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.”

Just think of all the things I could have said to the lifesaver. I could have asked him for a list of things I needed to do before I could be saved. Or I could have told him that I didn’t think I was ready or worthy enough to be saved. Or I could have said, “Thank you very much, I’ll try to swim back by myself.” Or, like some people say about Christianity, “Excuse me, but all my friends say that it’s fine to swim here, and I don’t believe that you exist anyway.” How stupid would that have been! But they’re all excuses that people give to Jesus.

Lifesavers risk their lives to save others. That’s what Jesus did, in a much more dramatic way, by going to the Cross.

Too often, we think that God only wants to save good people. He doesn’t. He wants to save everyone. In fact, he offers to save you just as you are right now, so that you can have a future into which he can pour all the good stuff he has in store for you.

And just like that day at the beach for me, it really is quite simple. I just had to accept. The question, like it was for me, is, “Have you realised that you’re in danger yet?”

The Big Question 33: How Can I Be Saved?
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