The Day I Asked For Joy

Apr 3, 2019 856

Do you need more joy in your life?


When my mum passed away recently, I went and sat on a rock by the sea, and I prayed. I wasn’t feeling happy, so I said to God, “Lord give me the gift of joy.”

I started reading the story of the resurrection of Jesus. In the story, the disciples were depressed and hiding behind locked doors, because Jesus had died two days before.

When the women ran back from the tomb, to tell them that Jesus had risen, the disciples didn’t believe them. They thought they were speaking nonsense.

But later when they believed that Jesus was risen from the dead, their sadness was turned to joy.

What about you? Do you need more joy in your life? The fact that Jesus is risen makes all the difference.

The more you believe it, the more joy you’ll have.

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