The News That Travels Quickly

Nov 29, 2018 1070

The Gospel is the greatest news of all time.


If you win the lottery and tell your friends, you can be sure that anyone who’s ever known you, heard about you, or seen you on social media will suddenly want to be your friend.

Good news travels quickly, and the best news travels the quickest of all!

The truth is, if Christianity was just a weak promise –”Be good and God might save you,” it wouldn’t have traveled beyond a few people.

But it isn’t! The gospel is an abundant promise of grace, joy, forgiveness, power, mercy and a thousand other good things. It’s far better than winning the lottery, and that’s why it travels so fast!

The Gospel isn’t something to keep to ourselves, it’s the greatest news of all time – and Jesus wants us to share it with the world. Today, take some time to remember all the blessings that are yours in Christ – and give thanks to God that he’s chosen you to receive the ultimate prize.

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