The Only Thing That Matters

Apr 17, 2019 990

If you put Jesus first, then everything else will fall into place.


I like to cook for guests, but I hate it when they arrive and I’m still in the kitchen. Because being a guy, I’m not very good at multitasking. I either cook or I make conversation. I can’t do both.

The Bible has this story of when Jesus visited the home of two sisters, Mary and Martha. Martha was still slaving away in the kitchen, while Mary spent time with Jesus instead. Martha was getting all stressed out and annoyed. But Jesus said to Martha,

You’re worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen what is better.

Getting the day to day things done is important, but spending time with Jesus is the most important thing.

There’s lots of things you can worry about and lots of things you need to do, but only one that really matters. If you’re putting Jesus first, then everything else will fall into place.

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