The Wood That Makes The Water Sweet

Apr 17, 2019 702

Jesus is the living water that can quench your thirst.


You’ve probably seen a movie of a man crawling though the desert, dying of thirst. He sees an oasis in the distance, but when he reaches it he finds that it’s only a mirage.

There’s this story in the Bible about God’s people travelling through the desert. They’d run out of water. They saw an oasis in the distance. This was no mirage! But it was just as bad, because the water was bitter and undrinkable. Imagine their disappointment!

But then Moses took a piece of wood, and threw it into the water. Miraculously the water was made refreshing and sweet.

That piece of wood represents the Cross of Jesus.

Have you been drinking some bitter water in your life lately? Trouble in your family or at work?

Jesus is the One who threw himself into the bitterness of this world, so that we could drink of his love. He is the living water that can quench your thirst today.

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