To Know Him is to Love Him

Nov 29, 2018 1358

When you understand what God is like, it changes the way you see the world.


What is God like? Does he really care about us? These are questions people have been asking since the beginning of time. And they’re questions many are continuing to ask today.

Is God some kind of moral monster? Or is he like a strict disciplinarian father? Does he just intervene in the world from time to time … or does he control everything down to the smallest detail?

The Bible tells us that Jesus has shown us what God is really like – he’s a loving father who wants a relationship with us at any cost. That’s what the story of the Cross is all about.

When you understand what God is like, it doesn’t just change the way you see him, it changes how you see the world.

So, the next time someone asks you what God is like, point them to Jesus – God made flesh, the one who died that you and I might live.

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