Unlimited: He Can’t Save Himself

Jun 11, 2021 1604

Unlimited: He Can’t Save Himself

In the same way the chief priests and the teachers of the law mocked him among themselves. “He saved others,” they said, “but he can’t save himself” (Mark 15:31, NIV)!

The gospel writers characterise the crowd at the cross as being viciously hostile toward Jesus as he hung dying. Other than the young apostle John, there were a group of women there who also loved Jesus. The rest were only there to ridicule and humiliate him.

The shocking fact underlying this mocking of the chief priests and the teachers of the law was that they didn’t deny that he had saved others!

In other words, they recognised that he had had done many wonderful, good things. This begs the question, if Jesus had indeed healed others and raised them from the dead, then why were they crucifying him? Why did they reject him so brutally?

They rejected Christ for the same reason that many reject him today, even when they know that he has power to save.

Money, position, and power. Those are many of the reasons.

It’s not that Jesus couldn’t save himself. It’s that he wouldn’t because this is what he had chosen.

He himself bore our sins. That’s why he is the Saviour of the world – of all those who trust in him.

The issue of why the Jewish religious leaders rejected Jesus while acknowledging that he had saved others is a question of vital importance.

Why do people reject love, forgiveness, healing, and restoration in their communities, churches, and in their personal lives?

The answer is because they prefer earthly power over love. But Jesus preferred love over power.

– Eliezer Gonzalez

Eli’s Reflection:How is it in your own relationships? As a believer in Christ, the scales have been removed from your eyes so that you can see Jesus for who he truly is. Pray now for those you love who may still have those scales and remain blind to the beauty of Jesus.

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Herbert Katundu

Nov 25, 2023

Amen 🙏


May 20, 2023

The truth is that bcos human beings mostly dowels in the carnal mind it's very difficult to live in the spiritual n to see what Jesus Christ did, the Holy Book made it clear that we should worship God in spirit n in truth, hence living in the spirit u'll see what Christ Jesus did n to appreciate n praise him!!!!


Jun 11, 2021

I pray not because I can pray but I pray because of who my Jesus really is to me in my life and too everything Jesus stay for today in this world and that is his true teaching and because I believe in the Son of God within my whole heart from my eyes I see this light which the Lord shine on you and I and that light enhance little by little then it spread out over do time were it enlarge from one part of the world until it cover the whole world and I feel that's how Jesus Love is for us were though he share his love little by little until his great love he has within his self reach each and every one of us until it's transform a circle of love through you and I and that's were you and I become as us and that's how we as a whole can show and share our love though the light and enhance the circle of love which is the most tremendous and most greatest gift of power that God pass down to his son Jesus to teach and to show us that's the best and most beautiful gift of power that's steal being transformed and uplifting in us today no matter what we may face in life Jesus sustain that loving in our hearts , because I feel that the Lord teaches us that at the beginning or at the end of the day we have a great and wonderful passion for something or someone that is in or close to our life weather it's from heaven or earth that powerful word Love can't be taking away from us cause it was and God has blessed us with such a warm and wonderful and amazing feeling no one can take that away from us and that's in the name of Jesus Amen.


Jun 11, 2021


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