Unlimited: Jesus Intercedes For Us

Feb 12, 2020 1011

I have prayed for you (Luke 22:32).

How encouraging is the thought of the Redeemer’s never-ceasing intercession for us. When we pray, he pleads for us; and when we are not praying, he is advocating our cause, and by his supplications shielding us from unseen dangers. Notice the word of comfort addressed to Peter: “Simon, Simon, Satan wants to have you so he may sift you as wheat; but I have prayed for you, that your faith fail not.”

We little know what we owe to our Saviour’s prayers. When we reach the hilltops of heaven, and can review our lives to see how the Lord our God has led us, we will truly be able to praise him for guiding us and for undoing much of the mischief which Satan was attempting to do on earth. Then we will be able to thank him for his untiring care of us, and for his constant intercession with God on our behalf.

Even before Satan has begun to tempt, Jesus interrupts him and enters a plea in heaven. Mercy outruns malice….

O Jesus, what a comfort it is that you have pleaded our cause against our unseen enemies; countermined their mines, and unmasked their ambushes. Here is a matter for joy, gratitude, hope, and confidence.

– Charles Spurgeon (adapted)

Eli’s Reflection: We tend to be “on and off”, and “hot and cold” in our communication with God, but he is always constant and faithful with us. Reflect on your own prayer life. What is one thing that you can do to be more mindful of the presence of God in the daily busyness of life? 

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Younkor Japakih

Feb 15, 2020

Thank u Jesus for always pleaing my case.

Tamiru Taye

Feb 14, 2020

Thank you ,FATHER, GOD ,LORD,JESUS CHRIST, to delivered me from unseen enemies!


Feb 12, 2020

That is my great desire to do the work of the good Lord in heaven's .minister of love

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