Unlimited: The Glorious Meaning of Christ’s Resurrection

Apr 29, 2020 1005

Unlimited The Glorious Meaning of Christ’s Resurrection

Jesus Christ our Lord… was… declared to be the Son of God with power… by the resurrection from the dead (Rom 1:4, NKJV).

What did the apostles find in the resurrection which made them give it this weighty and unfailing emphasis? What was its practical significance? What did it mean?

First of all, it meant that Jesus of Nazareth had been clearly manifested to be the Son of God. Before This wonderful morning the disciples had been the victims of uncertainty, chilled by cloudy moods of doubt and fear. But with the resurrection the uncertainty ends…

What else did it mean? In the power of the resurrection the apostles saw a vast reservoir of spiritual energy for the new life and liberation of the race. This was their reasoning and their faith, that the Lord, who had emerged from the grave, and had thereby vanquished death, had the power to vanquish all death, whether it enthroned itself in body, mind, or soul….

And, last, to the early apostles the resurrection had this further significance, that in it right was manifested as the ultimate might…. If we cannot permanently bury the Christ, we cannot permanently bury the Christlike… Right is the ultimate might, and all the forces of Hell cannot gainsay it.

John Henry Jowett (adapted)

Eli’s Reflection: What is the most important meaning of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ to you? Pray that the Lord will show you someone who needs to hear about it, and share it with that person.

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