When God Blinks

Apr 3, 2019 1384

God blinks because he loves you. 


If someone puts their finger close to your eye, you’re probably going to blink. It’s just a natural reflex, isn’t it?

God says that whoever touches you, touches the apple of his eye. That means the pupil of his eye.

That’s how much God loves you. God is very touchy about you. And you should see how God blinks! God blinks to intervene to save you from the things that can harm you.

God loves you so much that at the cross he blinked for three days straight. He felt your stresses, and your troubles and your pain.

We don’t pray to try to somehow twist God’s arm and force him to make things work out well for us. We pray because because God blinks.

Think about this today: When God blinks, wonderful things happen!

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