Jesus Wants to be Your Guest

Oct 29, 2020 1012

Jesus was famous for being a guest of sinners.

Jesus was a guest of sinners. But I grew up as a pretty sheltered guy. I never wanted to be a guest of sinners: people who weren’t living how I considered right, because I thought they might have a bad influence on me.

Once in my teenage years, I visited another teenager my age who had apparently “done drugs,” and had been in trouble with the law. That was scary stuff! I was way outside my comfort zone. That was about as close as I got to “sinners.”

The truth is that I’ve always lived a rather “religious” life, but I hope I’m nowhere near as judgmental as I used to be! I’d like to think I’m more accepting, kinder, and understanding.

Not only did Jesus not avoid people who were considered sinners, but he actively looked for them. Why? Because he enjoyed their company. He was famous for being a guest of sinners. Remember: Jesus wants to be your guest. Will you let him?

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