Do you have meetings that we can attend?
Good News Unlimited is an interdenominational Christian media content ministry. As such, we are not a church, and do not have church services.

GNU is a primarily a digital ministry and provides an online community online for seekers, new Christians, and existing believers around the world. We do this through our website, through our prayer ministry, and through a weekly live Gospel-based Bible study held on Facebook live.

We encourage Christians to attend and actively participate in their local Christian churches where the gospel is preached.

We each have a personal responsibility to share the Gospel and to contribute to building up the body of Christ. That’s why Good News Unlimited encourages the formation and propagation of Gospel Fellowships around the world. The purpose of these fellowships should be to introduce people to the gospel, and to support and nurture them within it, as an additional gospel tool for Christian believers and churches.

What is your main purpose?

The main purpose of Good News Unlimited is to see that the Word spreads fast. We want to see the gospel of Jesus Christ spread like wildfire around the world, and to do this, we develop and disseminate simple gospel content through media.

For more information, see our About Us page.

Is this a church?
Good News Unlimited is not a church, and does not have a particular church affiliation. Good News Unlimited is an interdenominational ministry that welcomes the collaboration of lovers of the gospel everywhere.
What is your relationship with X or Y church?
Good News Unlimited has no organizational or financial relationship whatsoever with any church or denomination.

On a spiritual level, however, Good News Unlimited will joyfully support Christian churches and their members in the work of spreading the Word of the gospel fast.

Is Good News Unlimited Ecumenical?
Good News Unlimited believes that people everywhere who trust and believe in Jesus Christ alone for their salvation are part of the family of God. GNU is a community of people who love and believe the gospel, irrespective of their denominational or confessional backgrounds.

However, GNU is not ecumenical, because it is not our mission to seek the union of all Christian churches, neither do we believe that all churches themselves are necessarily equal.

People associated with GNU are encouraged to prayerfully evaluate the teachings and practices of different churches according to the teachings of the Bible, and especially the gospel. People associated with GNU are welcome to come to their own conclusions and to have their own personal differing views about the respective merits of different churches.

GNU believes that when God calls us, he calls us into communion. For that reason, we encourage believers to find a local church where they are happy that the gospel is being preached, and to worship and faithfully serve there as part of the Body of Christ.

What are acceptable behaviours on the Good News Unlimited website and social media accounts?
Good News Unlimited exists to encourage people in their faith in Jesus Christ, and to spread his gospel. Abusive or offensive comments, or comments that belittle others and are not in keeping with the principles of the gospel will not be allowed.

Although Good News Unlimited may welcome Christian dialogue on a range of topics, we will not allow these to take the place of the foremost importance of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Good News Unlimited is not a debating society for different Christian perspectives, particularly if proponents consider that these define our Christian identity to the exclusion of other believers. Neither is Good News Unlimited a recruiting ground for Christians of different persuasions.

When contributing to Good News Unlimited online, please keep these guidelines in mind. Any communications not in keeping with these guidelines may be subject to moderation or may be banned.

What are your beliefs?

We are frequently asked, “What does Good News Unlimited believe about” this doctrine or that doctrine?

Good News Unlimited is an interdenominational Christian ministry and we represent Christians of many different church and denominational backgrounds, united by a passion to spread the word of the gospel of Jesus Christ fast.

Within the ministry of GNU, we are each welcome to hold our own beliefs on a range of Biblical teachings, and these may be expressed from time to time. Even on the board of GNU, a range of differing views are represented. What is of first importance is what unites us.

We have no creed, other than our focus on the essentials of the Gospel.

We exist only to see that the Word Spreads Fast.

See Mission and Belief

Do you minister to people who already go to church? to secular people? to people in the Third World?
Good News Unlimited presents the Word to people who have never heard it before, to people who think they’ve heard it all before; to religious people and to secular people. We spread the Word fast wherever and whenever the Lord gives us an opportunity, whether that it is in Australia (where we are based), or in the remotest part of the world where the Spirit of Christ may be moving.
How are you funded?
Good News Unlimited is a not-for-profit Christian ministry, sustained entirely by the grace of God, the prayers of his people, and the gifts of those who like us, believe too many are perishing without hearing the gospel – and that the Word should spread fast.
How are you organised?
Good News Unlimited Ltd is incorporated in Australia, and is a company limited by guarantee. It has a board of directors. Dr Eliezer Gonzalez is the Managing Director.
What is your tax deductibility status?
Good News Unlimited has tax deductibility status only in Australia.  If you are an Australian tax-payer, please notify us if you wish to receive a tax-deductible receipt.

Other gifts made to Good News Unlimited are NOT tax deductible.

Who was Des?
Dr Desmond Ford was a theologian and a great preacher, whose life-focus was preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. For more information about Des, see here.
Who is Eliezer?
Dr Eliezer Gonzalez is a scholar, preacher, and Christian leader who is passionate about the gospel. For more information about Eliezer, see here.
What gospel projects and programmes do you offer?
Good News Unlimited develops and produces gospel resources, and delivers them around the world. These include books, magazines, online content, training manuals, and media (e.g. radio) content.
How can I get involved?
You can get involved by:

  1. Subscribing to our daily email devotions
  2. Donating to help us keep Spreading the Word Fast
  3. Joining our GNU Discipleship Room on Facebook. This is a group in which we present Bible studies on the gospels every week.
  4. Getting involved in our Prayer Ministry by:
  5. Contacting us to broadcast our Gospel content on your radio or television station.
  6. Enjoying our Gospel content right here on our website.
How can I contact you?
To contact us, click here.
What is GNU's policy for partnering with churches and ministries overseas?

Good News Unlimited – International Partnerships Policy

  1. Good News Unlimited (GNU) is not a church. It is a trans-denominational ministry. This means that GNU seeks partnerships with Christian churches, ministries, and individuals everywhere who love the essential message of the Gospel. These partnerships help to ensure the greater reach of the message of the Gospel, so that Word Spreads Fast. GNU partners with other Christians with no expectation of financial or other reward.
  2. GNU will not partner with any church, ministry, or individual that attacks other Christian churches, denominations, or ministries. GNU makes no judgment as to the appropriateness of these positions, however these kinds of positions form no part of GNU’s ministry.
  3. Good News Unlimited (GNU) is a Gospel message ministry. This means that what it provides is the message of the Gospel, through digital, radio, television, print publications, and the preaching of the Word. GNU sticks to its mission. This means that GNU does not provide money for poverty relief, the construction of churches, medical clinics, orphanages, schools, or any other purpose other than the direct delivery of the Gospel message. Churches and ministries seeking to partner with us should understand that they will not receive any money from GNU. They will receive the message of the Gospel, and non-monetary assistance to share it with others.
  4. All purchases in countries where GNU has employees or appointed representatives will be done only through those representatives. Partner churches or ministries will not receive money to make purchases on GNU’s behalf (for example, when organising evangelistic meetings).
  5. Churches and ministries partnering with GNU remain entirely independent of GNU. GNU will exercise no control over how they run themselves. The partnership will be neither based on finances, management, or control by any means, but instead, will only be based on a love of the Gospel and of the Lord of the Gospel.
  6. GNU will entirely disassociate itself from partner churches, ministries, or individuals that fail to live up to the highest standards of Christian honesty and transparency. This means that any kind of financial, sexual, emotional, or physical abuse will be immediate cause for GNU not working with a church, ministry, or individual again. This specifically includes any circumstance where money destined for the work of the Gospel is misappropriated through fraud or overcharging or manipulation.
  7. Churches and ministries partnering with GNU will not use the name “Good News Unlimited” or “GNU,” except by prior legal arrangement with GNU.
  8. The application of this policy will be determined by the CEO or the board of directors of GNU, which may also make exceptions in extraordinary circumstances.
What We DON’T Do
GNU is a global digital ministry. As a general rule, GNU does not:

  1. Send money to support other churches, ministries or pastors overseas, except in extremely rare circumstances.
  2. Employ people overseas.
  3. Sponsor people to immigrate from one country to another.

Please do not ask, as we will most likely be unable to help.

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