The ministry of Good News Unlimited (GNU) was begun in late 1980 in northern California by an evangelist and theologian whose message and whose reach transcended the boundaries of Christian denominations – Dr Desmond Ford.

Through his clear and life-changing presentations of the central gospel message, and through his insistence in uplifting Jesus Christ as the centre of all truth and life, Des was able to reach untold numbers of people with the gospel, largely through radio and print media. In those early years, Dr Ford oversaw the establishment of affiliated Good News Unlimited ministries in the USA, Canada, Australia and in New Zealand.

In late 2000, Dr Ford decided to return to Australia to retire. But his is an unusual retirement! Until today, he continues to preach and write and to guide the ministry of Good News Unlimited, and he continues to be much loved by thousands around the world.

When Dr Eliezer Gonzalez was invited to join Good News Unlimited in 2013, the ministry has entered a period of re-energisation and renewal. While Good News Unlimited has traditionally been largely a print ministry, new times call for new methods, and the ministry has embraced digital media and mass communication methods.

Today, as a trans-denominational ministry, Good News Unlimited seeks to fully embrace the Great Gospel Commission of Jesus and to take the gospel to the world. Good News Unlimited does this by producing simple and effective gospel resources, and working with ministries, churches, and Christians everywhere so that these resources may be distributed to every place on earth – reaching the hands and hearts of people who are thirsting and hungering for the righteousness of Jesus Christ.

In doing this, Good News Unlimited honours the vision of its founder – Dr Desmond Ford – to reach the world for the gospel in all its simplicity and beauty. But most of all it seeks to honour the Carpenter of Nazareth and his good news for all.

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