Was Jesus God?

Sep 19, 2020 1262

“Was Jesus God?” There are plenty of people today who ask this question. It’s nothing new. Back in his day, the most frequent question asked about Jesus was, literally, “Who is this guy?”

Like nowadays, back then there were plenty of people who needed to be able to put Jesus in a box, into a category that they could understand. Because let’s face it, that’s how we deal with the world, isn’t it?

They couldn’t say Jesus was just a normal guy, because he clearly wasn’t. Was he just a teacher? A wise man? A prophet? While he seemed to be all of these things, he also seemed to be so much more!

Today, there are many people who are prepared to accept Jesus as a good man and a wise teacher, alongside other wise men of history, but the issue is that he claimed to be God.

Well, what if you can’t find a good reason why someone can’t be God, and what if their being God is the only explanation?

Was Jesus God? Here are His claims about himself and God:

  • He claimed to be one with God, and the only way to God.
  • He claimed that all authority in heaven and earth had been given to him.
  • He claimed to be able to forgive all sin.
  • He claimed that he would be killed and that he would rise again.
  • He claimed that he would return in glory, and that he would judge the world.

These things are only things that God can do. You can’t claim those things unless they’re either true, or you’re a lunatic.

The problem with Jesus is that his claims matched his actions. And his legacy of good matched his claims as well. You can’t say that about lunatics.

And so, if Jesus was no lunatic, what do you do with him?

I know where I stand. Do you?

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Was Jesus God?


Sep 22, 2021

Amen Amen I am a true believer in my God though the Lord Jesus Christ my savior and holy spirit greater rejoice love 💕 power and strength again hallelujah amen

Okurut Martin

Sep 21, 2021

The truth and the facts are, Jesus is God 100percent no wonder the history of his background . Being brought up from the family of Joseph and a virgin Mary and the ordinary life that he lived in raises much dirst of misleading and doubtful questions about who Jesus Christ is. Guard what you have believed on and what you have from the voice of most high God and be blessed.