Help enlarge the borders of the kingdom of God in Africa!

Your gift is needed to help GNU offer 25 leaders from central and east African countries a unique training program to develop evangelists throughout East Africa.

Over the course of 14 months, Pastor David Kayumba and these hand-picked leaders will visit African towns and villages that GNU has identified for rural evangelism – and he will train them while they preach the gospel and minister to these spiritually hungry communities.

The wonderful thing about this opportunity, is that not only will it be a truly life-changing opportunity for these young leaders – it will also spread the gospel to many largely unreached towns and villages!

After their practical training, the 25 leaders will attend an intensive residential program in Nairobi, Kenya to receive further teaching on leadership, preaching and evangelism.

It will cost $60,000 to provide this personal, in-depth leadership training. So please give generously to help advance the ministry of GNU in Africa and spread the Word fast!