Good News Unlimited Disclaimer

Good News Unlimited Ltd (GNU) has no legal or formal financial connections with Gospel Fellowships around the world. What unites us is the love of the Gospel and the love of Jesus Christ. We pray for each other and provide ad hoc support, typically in the form of printed and audio-visual resources, preaching, training, and general encouragement.

GNU does not control, manage, or take legal responsibility for any groups – whether they be Gospel Fellowships, Christian Ministries, or Churches listed on this website. GNU does not necessarily endorse all the views expressed by these groups. The only group that is directly managed by GNU is the Gospel Fellowship at Milton, Queensland, Australia.

It is to be expected that all groups listed on this website will exercise the highest standard of legal, financial, ethical and moral diligence in the way in which they operate and in their care for their people, in accordance with the teachings of the Bible and the laws to which they are subject in the regions in which they operate. If GNU becomes aware that this is not the case, the relevant group will be removed from this website.