100 Students Baptised in Uganda

May 20, 2019 1844

100 Students Baptised in Uganda

Merryland High Schools are two schools among others owned by Dr Ssegawa, an educationist and businessman in Uganda. They are ranked among top 100 performing schools in Uganda and therefore it’s not surprising that they attract students from high profile families in the country. Both the two schools are located in Entebbe, along the Lake Victoria. The larger of the two holds 2000 students while the other one, located just a few kilometres away has 600 students currently. These students come from various religious backgrounds; Moslems, Anglicans, Catholics, Pentecostals, etc.

Being a godly man, Dr Ssegawa the owner of these schools has founded these institutions on sound biblical principles. Without any form of religious coercion or intimidation, throughout the term students are encouraged to have a personal encounter with Christ by way of prayers, devotions and other church programs initiated by the chaplaincy department.

I have been a frequent speaker in these two intuitions for the past year, thanks to my friend Pr Norman Chisunka from Zambia who is the chaplain of the larger campus. Early this year, I was asked to conduct a Week of Spiritual Emphasis in the smaller school. The event was well attended with students even asking for an extension of the event. These efforts led to 100 baptisms, a quite staggering figure. Apart from evangelistic sermons, I also conducted motivational talks, counselling and pastoral guidance over the weekend on a voluntary basis. This has led to significant change of behaviour in a number of students.


He asked GNU to continue providing its services for more work to be done


After this historic baptism, I interviewed some of those baptised and this is what one of the them had to say:

“I have always wanted to get baptised but every time I feel afraid to walk to in front. But today I felt strong enough to walk in front of everybody. I don’t even know how it happened.”

On the day of the baptisms, Dr Ssegawa came to witness. He was very glad to see young people accepting the Lord. He asked GNU to continue providing its services for more work to be done.

I am following up the 100 students who gave their lives to Christ. Some of them have asked for prayer citing threats from their parents who did not find their decisions appealing. We have started a weekly class where we meet these new in faith students. The meetings are geared towards encouraging them to stay strong in the faith. The owner of the school and teachers appreciate the good work courtesy of GNU.

– Pr Bonifresh Muhollo

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