35 People Accept Jesus Christ in a Church That Had Been Abandoned for 12 Years

Sep 23, 2015 1389


Pr Joseph preaching the Word of God in Mudenipalli.

Thirty-five people accepted Jesus Christ in Mudenipalli, Andhra Pradhesh, where Pr Joseph led an evangelistic meeting. 150 people attended in total.

This meeting was held in a church building, however the incredible thing is that this was the first Christian meeting to be conducted in this church building in 12 years. At that time, a Christian pastor was trying to bring the gospel to this area, and so he built this church. However, soon afterwards he died of a heart attack, and tragically, his three sons died soon afterwards. So the church was abandoned for twelve years, because the community was left without a Christian leader.


Rani was thrilled so see the gospel preached in the church her father had built before his death.

When the pastor died, he left a small daughter with her mother. They were unable to continue their father’s dream of bringing the gospel to this community. That was, until Pr Joseph asked the daughter if he could use the church for his evangelistic programme!

The people of Mudenipalli were thrilled that after 12 years, there could be a gospel programme in their community! They had been waiting a long time! They were very happy about the programme, and they begged Pr Joseph to please conduct meetings there every week, or even every month if that was not possible.

Pr Joseph is limited in both time and funds, but he is praying to see how the Lord might make this possible. He believes that by the grace of God, a great work could be done there.


The people of Mudenipalli listened to the gospel and were left wanting more…

The one who led the requests for weekly meetings in this church is the daughter of the pastor who built it, named Rani Naroja. She came to the meetings and shared the story of her father’s life.

Please pray for these people, that they may have a Christian leader and a church community one day soon, and that a great work will be done for the gospel in Mudenipalli.

– Eliezer Gonzalez

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