A Definition of Grace

Oct 8, 2013 1864

We have all heard different definitions of grace. I like the one that says that grace is “the unmerited favour of God.” Another one is “God’s riches at Christ’s expense.”

I want to give you one that I have put together, because although these definitions are good, some of them make it sound as if grace is an attribute of God, as if He was human. In other words, God can choose to show grace or He can choose not to show grace, as if grace is optional for God.

Grace-ButterflyBut that is not what grace is. It is not a optional attribute of God. In other words, it is not just a characteristic that God can choose to show. God does not choose to show grace. Grace is not like town water that is accessed through a tap, so if you pray hard enough it turns on and off.

Here is my definition of grace… “Grace is the very DNA of God, made human in Jesus Christ.”

I know it’s not a perfect definition, but it highlights a central truth – Grace is who God is!

You see, there are just some things God cannot do. He cannot do them because they are not in his nature. For example, He cannot tell a lie. God cannot choose to withhold grace. Only you can choose to accept it or not.

Grace is made human in Jesus Christ, so that it is not just an abstract concept. Instead, it is fully and completely embodied in a person. It is accessible for you and for me, so that we can understand it, be touched by it, and be healed by it.

And because grace is the DNA of God, grace determines everything that Jesus is and everything that Jesus does, because God is love.

Be filled with His grace today!

Eliezer Gonzalez


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