“A Hundred Or More Have Accepted Christ, But Its Not Enough!” – A Report From the GNU Choir’s Mission to Mbale, Uganda

Sep 25, 2015 1470

GNU ladies on stage

The ladies of the GNU Choir Witnessing for Christ in one of the locations in Mbale

Our GNU Choir was given an opportunity to represent GNU at a crusade run by AEE (African Evangelistic Enterprise) in Mbale, Eastern Uganda. We had a wonderful spiritual experience as we laboured for our Lord Jesus in singing spiritual songs, giving testimonies and sharing messages from the book Jesus Only, alongside AEE. We were the main choir and so we had to try to be in all six crusade locations simultaneously. We did our best, by dividing our choir into a ladies’ group and the mens’  group. Even then, the ones who could not have us were good-naturedly fighting over us. This made us feel so good because they were actually dying for the GNU singers and therefore valuing GNU contribution.

Most People Know GNU

Right now, in Mbale, the furthest end of Eastern Uganda, most people know GNU. Now, we must keep ourselves active there by conducting mighty gospel crusades spearheaded by our choir the GNU choir. We believe this is possible because we presented and left good impression in all walks of life.

When we presented at dinners organized for commissioned officers of the army, police and prisons, we were always called back on stage for almost all numbers we sung. We also presented to the prison inmates ­– men and women in separate meetings. I presented a sermon based on the book Jesus Only to the men. This was from the chapter about Barabbas. We were so glad that this simple presentation of the gospel connected so well with the inmates and some were shedding tears. The Bishop Emeritus even came to preach, but they wanted me to continue preaching because they loved hearing the gospel.

We Need to Go Back and Baptise Them

We need to go back to Maluku prison in Mbale. We would like to give them our book Jesus Only, and spend more time with them. We would like to see some baptisms. The prison chaplain, a Captain by rank, has become our friend. We believe he can organize for us to return if we ask. Please give us the opportunity to do that. We can also connect to the military and police barracks through their chaplaincy programmes, and conduct ministries to them and baptize them. We need to do this while their memories are still fresh.

We also ministered at luncheons organized for the opinion leaders, bureaucrats, politicians and the affluent in the business community. Then we also ministered to the lowly and rowdy motorcycle riders who are hired to carry people from place to place with no particular respect to traffic rules. These messy members of our society were astounded to see our seemingly sophisticated choir members of GNU serve them with sodas provided by the AEE. They were a large group and they kept asking if the songs we sung were recorded so we could send them some recordings afer we returned home. This was another testimony that GNU had broken new ground in Mbale.

It is now up to GNU to consider attacking and conquering Mbale for our Lord Jesus through a simple approach to the gospel as exemplified by the book Jesus Only.

We went to several Anglican and Pentecostal churches: wherever the preachers would take us, we went. Thank God, He helped us to minister. In all these churches we went, we can still visit and possibly use them as our platforms to spread the gospel.

We Were Feeling Dizzy By The Time We Left

Of all places we ministered in, Mustoto shocked us the most. We found barrels and barrels of crude gin: a local spirit prepared from sugar molasses locally called waragi. The word is derived from two English words: “war gin.” It got its name during the Second World War, because it was a famous drink before battle. This infamous place Musoto is the biggest and worst liquor distilling area I have ever seen. I want us to go back there and turn this place into a distilling area for pure gospel.

Most people in the crowd looked so miserable and carried tired faces. When the choir went on stage even those who were still tending their distilling ran over and the tipsy danced!!! What a sight!!! Even we were feeling dizzy by the time we left, but not from the gin!

In the Musoto area, we made friends with the two hosting pastors; both ladies, and both called Sarah. We can work with them to spread the Gospel.

My Shoes and Money Were Stolen

While we were in Mbale we were invited repeatedly to Livingstone International University. We also enjoyed presenting to them. This high-end university deserves special attention. These young people have organized a vibrant congregation and the chaplain is friendly. We also enjoyed presenting to them. I recommend an evangelistic campaign in this university and supply of the book, Jesus Only.

Many souls, a hundred or more turned to Christ but that’s not enough. We believe GNU should find reason to conduct its own Gospel campaign and baptize many. We believe this is possible and we want to play a part in this.
Our contribution as GNU choir to the whole function was truly felt. Therefore GNU left a lasting impression in Mbale town and its environs. This could provide a starting point for GNU evangelism in Mbale.

Some incidents happened, notably my money and shoes were stolen. We also had to spend money on treatment for abdominal illness for almost all of our singers. Although there was much malaria around, we are thankful none of the choir members contracted it.

We, the GNU Choir, want to thank you for this opportunity to serve with you in our Lord’s Vineyard.

­– Moses Lukwago (GNU Choir Leader)

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