‘Trustworthy’ is not a word found in the KJV. That’s because it wasn’t introduced into the English language until the early eighteenth century. The ethic, however, is from ancient times.

The Torah demanded the judicial system be trustworthy. Two or three witnesses were always required at court sessions in order to maximise the trustworthiness of the prosecution (Deut 17:6).

It is said that trustworthy people tell the truth and shame the devil. They are reliable and principled; they can be trusted with our house key while we are away on holidays. In a sense, they are little different to persons of integrity. They are ‘tried and true’.

At GNU we must be trustworthy. We earn it over time. Generous people leave their offerings with us, trusting we will honestly deploy them for the rapid spread of the Christian gospel. For the same reason, they apportion us money in their wills. They also learn to trust our radio and TV lectures, our answers to Bible questions and our magazine articles. This requires prayerful academic discipline on our part. There also needs to be a purposeful striving after objectivity, balance and fairness, as well as periodic self-evaluation.

– Milton Hook