Alcohol Addict Turns to Jesus – Thamersa, India

Aug 9, 2016 1342

Rahual Closeup

Rahual now finds fulfilment in Christ rather than looking for it in alcohol.

In the village of Thamersa in India, a young man turned to Jesus after seeing the GNU TV program. Rahual had been addicted to alcohol and had neglected his family.

One day, he happened to see GNU’s programme on TV. He was captured by the gospel message and he continued to watch the programme each week.

As he allowed himself to be open to Jesus and the gospel,  he slowly stopped drinking. Rahual has now accepted Jesus, as has his entire family! Rahual says:

The GNU weekly TV programme and the holy Gospel changed my entire life.  Now I am so happy in Christ. Also, I have been able to keep my job and have stable work. My family members have security again. Thanks to everyone involved at GNU.

– Laura Stewart (with reports from Pr Joseph Usala)

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