All Caution Aside

Feb 5, 2017 2647

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All Caution Aside

When it comes to making decisions, most of us are naturally pretty careful and cautious. But there are times in life when we need to quickly seize on the opportunity in front of us.

That was true for a woman in the Bible who’d been sick for 12 years. No amount of doctors, money or positive thinking could help. And according to the rules of her society, she wasn’t even allowed to be in contact with other people.

And the one day, she saw her opportunity. As Jesus walked by, she threw all caution aside and reached out and touched the edge of his clothing. The Bible says she was immediately healed.

We all know what it feels like to be in desperate need, when no one can help us but God.

In those times, God calls us to put all caution aside, and reach out in faith, trusting that Jesus understands what’s in our hearts, and will provide what we need.

Eliezer Gonzalez

All Caution Aside

There’s no one who understands what you need like Jesus.

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