The Big Question 30: Has Evolution Disproved the Bible?

Oct 10, 2018 2464

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Has evolution disproved the Bible?

So, let me say a few things about evolution. To disprove something, you need evidence. The idea of evolution itself isn’t evidence, and no one has found any actual evidence to prove evolution. What I mean is that we can talk in a general way about how evolution might have happened, but no one has ever observed anything that could be called evidence for it, in a scientific sense.

My view is that the theory of evolution is just that: a theory. You can’t disprove something just by putting up an alternative explanation.

Now, I want to be fair to everyone, and recognise that among Christians today, there are actually different views on the issue of evolution. I know Christians who believe that evolution and the Bible are compatible at some level. While I respect them, I don’t agree with them. I see the Bible describing a Creator God who made everything by speaking it into existence.

Now, how do you disprove the Bible? For some people, if you find one tiny error in some translation, suddenly the Bible has been disproved! There’s other Christians who think – shock, horror! –  that there may be some inconsequential mistakes, or that some parts of the Bible are more poetry than literal descriptions of what actually happened.

Ultimately, all Christians would agree that basically, the Bible is about things that cannot be disproven by science.

The central theme and topic of the Bible is the coming, death, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Of course, there’s plenty of hard historical evidence for those things.

But then, the Bible is also about how God offers eternal life to everyone who will accept Jesus’ self sacrifice on their behalf. You don’t disprove that by evolution.

And I think that it really comes down to a clash of worldviews, not a clash of evidence. The fossil record, for example, stays the same, but it’s your worldview that determines how you interpret it. After all, no one was actually there to see it being made.

So, in the end, I don’t believe that evolution disproves the Bible, but neither does the Bible disprove evolution.

Instead, I reckon it’s all about the support you have for your worldview, and what it actually does for you.

For me, I have plenty of evidence in my own life that Jesus Christ is really there and that he cares for me. And that’s the perspective through which I look at life. The happiness and hope I have is nothing like what evolution can give me.

The Big Question 30: Has Evolution Disproved the Bible?
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