Blessed by the Light – Manimma’s Story

Oct 14, 2015 1595


Wherever Manimma goes, she tells the amazing story of how God healed her.

Manimma is 48 years old and lives with her husband Andhra Pradesh. Her story began with a trip to hospital. She was admitted to hospital with severe stomach pains, and the operation recommended by her doctors did nothing to relieve her problems. She was very ill and in great pain, unable to eat and declining rapidly. She was kept alive by intravenous drips and injections.

The doctors despaired for her and everyone who came to see her believed she was very near death. The doctors even recommended that she be taken home so she could die there. But Manimma did not want to die. She believed in Jesus, and prayed constantly that he would heal her.

Then came a day when her eyes became enlarged and she appeared not to be able to see anything. She covered her face with a cloth. People were puzzled and asked her what she was doing.

“I have seen the light and glory of Jesus,” she replied. The light had temporarily blinded her, but she told the people that she would be able to see again.

After 15 days, this is what happened. She was able to see again, and from this time she gradually regained her health.

All her praise is for Jesus. “It is Jesus who gave me new life and new health,” she says. “All the doctors told me I would die and all my relatives and friends believed I could not live more than a few days. But I had faith in Jesus and he opened my eyes and brought strength back to me and healed me. Now I am so happy to do God’s work. I have promised Jesus that I will do his great work of spreading the Gospel wherever I can. I am so thankful to Pastor Joseph for praying for me and my life, and for giving me the chance to make my testimony.”

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