Book “Jesus Only” Blesses the Croatian People

May 19, 2017 1624

Book "Jesus Only" Blesses the Croatian People

The Croatian cover of “Jesus Only”

The book Jesus Only has been translated into the Croatian language, and is being received enthusiastically in that country.

“We’re helping to feed the 5,000 in Croatia,” says Ed  enthusiastically. Faithful GNU supporters Ed and his wife Slavica are passionate about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And they love their homeland, the former Yugoslavia. When they first read the book Jesus Only, by Des Ford (abridged by Ritchie Way), they were inspired by its simple, powerful presentation of the Gospel, and longed to share it in their native Croatian language.

God blessed their vision; the translation was completed by dedicated volunteers, 5,000 copies were printed, and they set about distributing them.

The local library in Hvar on the island of Hvar took copies to place on their shelves; some people went to bus and railway stations with supplies of books, offering them to waiting travellers. Others went door to door, inviting people to accept and read about the Gospel. In one town, Ed was able to speak to the local bishop who accepted several books. As they spoke together, they found common ground in the Gospel of Jesus.

These stories have been repeated many times over the past few months, and as we go to print, we have learned that almost all of the books have been distributed, and plans are under way to print a further 5,000 copies.

The vision now is to translate Jesus Only into Serbian, Macedonian and Slovenian. By partnering with GNU, you also can help to support these kinds of Gospel projects in many parts of the world.

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