Christian Leadership Seminar Impacts Ministry in Uganda

Dec 27, 2015 1572

David Kayumba copy

Pr David Kayumba preaching the Gospel in Uganda.

Pastor Wilberforce Bogere is one of the special people who have linked up with the GNU team as a result of the recent Christian leadership conference in Kamgulimira, Uganda. He is a leader of the Baptist churches in that part of Rwanda. Pastor Wilberforce is a qualified theologian, who is committed to studying, sharing the Word of God, and training others to become ambassadors for the Gospel.

He wrote to Pastor David Kayumba to register for GNU’s upcoming training seminar for Gospel evangelists. He begins by reflecting on the recent programme in Kangalumira:

God has used you as his vessels to speak to our hearts and minds. I was happy to hear your Gospel message at the meetings in Kamgulumira. I was especially glad to listen to the message that Christians should respect each other’s cultural differences, and that we should not just preach the Gospel, but we should live it as well.

You spoke about the principles of spiritual leadership and I would like to learn more about this in the Gospel evangelism training seminar. After the course I want to be able to train pastors and church leaders, so they can lead more people to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

As a result of the GNU conference, God has moved me to start the Bible school at our church. Recently, on 4th November, we had our fourth graduation ceremony.

I pray that you will continue to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

The Gospel Evangelism training seminar is another of the projects we have planned for to help spread the Word fast in Africa.

– Eliezer Gonzalez

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