Christian Life Article Issues From 73-78

Sep 20, 2014 1662

Series of Christian Life article issues written by Dr Desmond Ford

Issue No 73

christian life73

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Title: It’s a Man’s World! (to Our shame)

The Bible’s first prophecy (which foretells future conditions in a fallen world), says that women will be subject to unceasing sorrow and oppression (Gen 3:16).

Issue No 74

christian life74

Title: Standing with or Against the Grand Inquisitor

All religious organizations are tempted to choose between the cross or magic, mystery, and authority.

Issue No 75

christian life75

Title: Blessed Be Our Inadequacies

Have you ever noticed that we are sometimes encouraged by the revelation of deficiencies in others? It is not the nicest characteristic of our natures, to be sure, but it must be confessed as a reality.

Issue No 76

christian life76

Title: Thanks for What?

The first Thanksgiving came after a dreadful winter. The bitter weather deposited half of the colonists into the windswept hillside cemetery. Only seven of the colony were healthy enough to tend the sick, yet they gave thanks.

Issue No 77

christian life77

Title: The Way

The contents tells us about salvation and what we should preach and not.

Issue No 78

christian life78

Title: Editorial

You can often tell the importance of someting by the number and popularity of its counterfeits. No one bothers to counterfeit the worthless, and people only “buy” that which promises to satisfy some insistent cry. 

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