Clicks of Change & Hope This Christmas!

Nov 11, 2022 1305

Your clicks can generate more stories of hope this Christmas!

Technology has changed the world, but nothing changes lives like Jesus! The best gift you can give is the gift of Jesus to millions of people who are waiting to hear.

Do you wish for change and hope – and miracles – at Christmas?

Stephen, from Kenya, had his miracle as a result of connecting with GNU.

“I have come to love God because GNU’s program changed me,” he says. “I hope to be with God one day and share His heavenly home.”

Stories like Stephen’s are miraculous. Sometimes we can’t believe we get to hear them. 

And yet, we also expect to hear them because we use the power of the internet to carry the most powerful message of all, the gospel of Christ, to the ends of the earth.

Which is kind of amazing when you think about it!

But we need you! 

If we are going to reach anyone in the world with a smartphone with the authentic gospel message of Jesus, we need some help.

More than ever, our world needs to know Jesus. At GNU we are committed and ready to continue sharing his truth online so that more people can experience a miracle in their lives

Can we ask for your support this Christmas

Every $50 you gift allows GNU to easily and quickly reach 5000 people just like you with the gospel message. 

That’s $50 to reach 5,000 people.

$100 to reach 10,000 people.

$500 to reach 50,000 people.

Please give to GNU’s Christmas Appeal.

Your gift supports our team as we write and distribute truthful, authentic gospel teaching and helps pay for the internet sites and advertising we need to spread the word.

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