Construction Begins on Moturu Prayer Hall – India

Apr 26, 2017 1854

Pr Joseph (second from left) stands with Narishimama, Nayadu and Suresh in front of the prayer hall

Pr Joseph (second from right) stands with the three brothers in front of the prayer hall.

Three brothers, who have come to know about Jesus through watching the GNU TV programme, are now, in an answer to prayer, working on the construction of the Moturu prayer hall.

I started spreading the holy Gospel in the village of Moturu in 2012 and we finally have been able to rent land there. Now we are able to build a Good News prayer hall to invite all the people to and in this way we can spread the Good News around to the village people who do not know about Jesus. It is a project that we started with much prayer.

In three different villages there are three brothers named Narishimama, Nayadu and Suresh who work as carpenters, building sheds and houses. They were Hindus, and through seeing the GNU TV Programme they came to know about Jesus and their lives have been saved in him. So by the grace of God they called me after seeing our program and they are so happy. Through this they came to know about the Good News Children’s Care Centre and the Blessy Old Age Care Centre.

They are very good at their carpentry work. So I asked them to work on the construction of the Moturu Prayer Hall and they said that it would be a great privilege and honor to do so. They have started doing the work and so far they have completed the foundation and the roof. The walls are yet to be built.

It is God who has sent them to us to do the prayer hall Construction work in Moturu. They say,

With great faith in Jesus we are building this prayer hall. God helps us as we do this great work and we are so privileged and honored to do it. We rejoiced in Christ Jesus and we have a great desire for the Good News to be spread around the villages through the prayer hall. We will invite people to come and learn about holy Gospel. Thanks to you in Christ.

– Pr Joseph Usala

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