Daily Good News – Believe It, Jesus has Conquered Death!

Apr 16, 2015 1253

“While they were still talking about [Jesus’ appearance to them at Emmaus], Jesus himself stood among them” (Luke 24:36).

That the grave had been conquered and the dead raised to life was so contrary to centuries of experience with death, it took several lines of evidence to convince people that God had overcome the realm of death.

Angels testified to Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. Mary Magdalene reported that she had seen Jesus. Peter and John reported that the grave was open and empty, and the soldiers had gone. The stranger who walked to Emmaus with Cleopas and his wife, proved from the Scriptures that Jesus would rise from the dead. Cleopas and his companion recognized Jesus by the way he said grace and broke the bread. And Jesus asked his disciples to feel the imprints of the nails in his hands and the scar the Roman spear had left in his side.

Jesus had, indeed, risen from the dead. Even his own skeptical brothers acknowledged this miracle of miracles after Jesus had met with James.

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