Daily Good News – Bread from Heaven

Jul 30, 2015 1889


“I am the bread that came down from heaven” (John 6:41).

In Exodus 16:14–22, we read the story of how God sent manna to feed his people in the wilderness. This was bread from heaven (v.15), and it represented the grace of Jesus, the One who would come and be the true Bread from Heaven. The gift of manna to the children of Israel has many important lessons for us today.

First, they needed to collect the manna every day (with an exception on the Sabbath). It was no good trying to hoard it – it just went bad. Manna was the great leveler. If you didn’t collect it every day you went hungry. Every day you need to receive the grace of God. It’s no good saying that you gave your life to Christ once, and that now you don’t need as much grace today as the next person.

Second, manna was free. No one had to work for it. No one had to go looking for it – it was just there at your doorstep. All you had to do was pick it up, look up to heaven and say, “Thanks!” That’s how grace comes to you today through Jesus Christ. He was the ultimate gift from heaven. You can’t work for the gift of Christ. And you can spend all your life looking for it in other places, without realizing that he was there all along for you.

Third, the manna was enough. Everyone received the same amount, and it was always enough. Whatever may be your story as you go through your wilderness, when you look back you will see that the grace of God was always enough.
The gift of the Bread of Life is every day, free, and always enough. It’s what gives us true life. We all need it today – and every day.


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