Daily Good News – God Created Us for a Purpose

Jun 20, 2015 1575


“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1).

There was a beginning, and it was personal. Much depends on that being so. Human beings are not the end product of a mindless mechanical process. Intellect, calculation, evaluation, discipline, delight, joy and love—the willingness to give to another—are a reflection of ultimate reality. Existence is profoundly purposeful. There is deep reason to live, serve and love.

“If Genesis 1:1 is not true then there are no grounds for passion, and no reason that anything should be pursued or avoided. We must never forget that if there is no God there is also no man—only flotsam and jetsam. If there is no God, there is no man, no reason, no meaning, no right and wrong, no hope, no forgiveness, and no eternal life. Never did a single sentence comprehend so much, and never did a single sentence have such infinite worth.” Dr Desmond Ford in Genesis vs Darwinism (Abridged Version).


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