Daily Good News – The Work of the Gospel

Jul 3, 2015 1613


“Take care that the prophets’ words don’t apply to you:

‘Look, you scoffers,
marvel and die,
I’m going to do work in your day
a work you won’t believe,
even if someone told you’” (Acts 13:41)

In this passage, Paul tells us about the work of the Gospel. The Gospel is never unnoticed. When the Gospel is proclaimed, people everywhere look and are astonished. Some are astonished and believe. Others are astonished and scoff.

When the Gospel is proclaimed, God works in astonishing ways, in unbelievable ways, beyond our knowledge, beyond our ability to comprehend, beyond our experience. God makes our future to be completely different than our past. The Gospel transforms individuals, communities, societies, and nations. The proclamation of the Gospel will transform this world, and the righteousness of God will overwhelm the earth: an ocean of grace, mercy, and goodness from the east to the west, from the depths of the earth to the heights of the heavens.

This is the work that God says that he will do. He says that he will do it in our day. The Spirit of God is moving in people’s hearts everywhere, looking for those with believe. He will do it in our day. He is looking for those with faith even like a mustard seed, a faith that will not just move mountains, but transform the landscape of this world.

Will we be those people?


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