Despite War, Homelessness and Cancer, I’ve Found Christ!

Jun 15, 2017 1311

Despite War, Homelessness and Cancer, I’ve Found Christ!

Alla has gone through so much, and she clings to the hope she has found in Christ.

It was summer, 2014, when we were forced to leave our home in Eastern Ukraine. Each time I remember it brings tears to my eyes. Once, before we left, there was a bombing with an explosion that was so strong that it threw us to the ground. After that we concluded we had to leave. At first, we moved around the region, living in hotels but that became too expensive. After that we moved to Kharkov. There we stayed at hostels or slept at the railway station when we had nowhere else to go. And at last we went to Poltava. When we first arrived, we had nowhere to sleep except at the railway station there also. By now we understood that the war would last a long time and we could not return home, so we started searching for permanent accommodation. This was difficult. Sometimes accommodation owners would take our rent money, but did not provide us with any facilities, not even a bed.

Just Before the conflict, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and had an operation in 2011. Medicines are expensive and I was given some for free from governmental organisations. But when the war began, they stopped helping me. I also suffer from various after-effects along with other diseases: Hypothyroidism, hepatic steatosis, cataract, glaucoma, and diabetes.

A strong, unstoppable desire awoke up in me to be baptised


In March, 2015 I was living in Poltava and, I read an advertisement on a bus about some evangelistic programmmes being run by GNU’s Dr Eliezer Gonzalez and Dr Philip Rodionoff. I had been acquainted with the Bible for a long time, having attended the Orthodox Church, and then since 2005, attending Protestant churches. After reading the advertisement, I attended all the meetings. There the church game me food and clothing, and that helped me greatly. I continued studying the Bible after the meetings, but only decided to be baptised when the meetings were held again in 2017. At the last meeting, a strong, unstoppable desire awoke up in me to be baptised. I decided that it was time to grow up – I want to grow up in Christ.

– Alla (Edited by Ella Rodionoff)

Important Note from Eliezer Gonzalez:

Alla continues to suffer from breast cancer, and only has her small pension to survive on. She has no way of being able to pay for the chemotherapy treatment that she desperately needs. She needs treatment twice a year and each treatment costs USD $303. When I met Alla, I promised that I would try to find someone to help her with her chemotherapy treatments.

GNU has set up a fund for her and if you would like to help with the treatment costs, please donate through GNU’s website here:

So that I know that your gift is for Alla, please email me (Eliezer Gonzalez) directly, at [email protected]

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