Drugs, Robbery, and Finding God’s Amazing Grace – Kyiv, Ukraine

Dec 18, 2017 1726

Drugs, Robbery, and Finding God’s Amazing Grace – Kyiv, Ukraine

Vadim is glad to have found freedom in Christ. 

My name is Vadim, and I am 27 years old. As a child, I believed in God, but I did not know him. I saw him as a God who punishes. Growing up, my focus was on sports and my studies. My family highly valued achievements. I planned on becoming an athlete, and, of course, getting a higher education. However, by the time I was 18 and started service in the army, I had decided I didn’t like studying and preferred discos and wild nights. After finishing my army service, I entered university and I got a permanent job.

When I broke up with my girlfriend, my life went downhill. I began going to nightclubs and taking amphetamines – it was impossible to dance all night long without taking them. The drugs made me feel better about myself as I thought those taking drugs were tougher than athletes. I also started using drugs at work because they gave me energy.

As time went on, I started doing bad things. I not only spent all the money I earned on drugs, but asked my parents for money for drugs too. I also started stealing. I was becoming aggressive. I forgot about my studies and stopped attending university.

It was at this time I went to a Christian rehab centre. I got to know a lot about the Bible, but the pull of drugs was stronger. I felt that if I didn’t take drugs, I would never be at peace with myself. After I left, I started taking them again. Things only got worse. One time I got angry and hurt my mother because she wouldn’t give me money. I realised I needed to get help again.


I can see that God leads me.


I was afraid to go the Christian rehab centre I had gone to before. I was afraid that God would punish me for all my sins, especially if I told others about them. I decided to go to the rehab centre in Poltava instead, believing it was not a Christian one. It was actually the one supported by GNU.

My first impression of the treatment was that it was difficult, but not interesting. I didn’t like the tasks we were given. For example, they wanted me to write a letter to God, which I did not want to do because I did not want to communicate with him.

But then I started going to a Bible meeting held by a GNU pastor. I liked being able to ask questions and get answers, which is different to the Orthodox Church. I also liked the prayers. I liked that they prayed for me free of charge. An online social group was also made, and everyone in it was prayed for. The meetings had a friendly atmosphere and people would be smiling. Before this, I had always seen religious settings as gloomy with dark icons, the smell of candles, a place where one must not laugh or wear shorts. I also liked the focus on the Bible, because what is written in it is right.


I am glad to know that God will not remember the past.


The GNU pastor has suggested we pray together for 40 days. I am glad to join in. I could not see God’s hand in my life before. Everyone else seemed to be able to see him working in their lives, but not me. But now I can. Now I know that God answers. I am glad to know that he will not remember the past.

There are still some difficulties. I still cannot read the Bible by myself because I am afraid I will not understand it. I am afraid to think of baptism as it is very new to me. I am also afraid of giving tithe and offering. Being sober is difficult. But I believe I am going to cope with it. The first thing I want is to have an understanding of God’s will. I ask him to help me stop being afraid. Please pray for me.

God has now given me a job. I don’t have a driver’s license or even a car, but I teach people the road rules. I can see God’s hand in this.

I prayed for my sister. We had gotten into a fight and stopped talking for a long time. But after praying, I phoned her and we made peace at once. I prayed that my relatives would understand me and I get along with all of them now. I also pray for my workmate who has started talking about God.

I can see that God leads me. He helped to get to Poltava. He has taught me through GNU. He has found a job for me. He has helped me stop taking drugs.

– Vadim (Edited by Ella Rodionoff)

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Tom Durst

Feb 4, 2018

These kinds of testimonies truly help us to realize that the gospel of Jesus Christ IS the power of God for salvation (wholeness). Thanks for sharing them.

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