Eliezer Gonzalez Visits Pr Joseph And The Ministry In India

Jul 5, 2019 1477

Eliezer Gonzalez Visits Pr Joseph And The Ministry In India

Eliezer Gonzalez was able to visit Pr Joseph and see the impact of the ministry in India.

Earlier this year Eliezer Gonzalez and accompanying friends of GNU visited India and Pr Joseph’s ministry there. They were able to see the impact made in the years that GNU has partnered with Pr Joseph to spread the Gospel.

One landmark event that happened was the opening of the Good News Divine Centre in the village of Srinivasapuram. This centre is now a central hub for the Gospel work in the area, a place for Gospel and prayer meetings, counselling, and community outreach. They were there for the opening ceremony and the cutting of the ribbon. There was a joyous atmosphere as people gathered to celebrate and praise God.

While in India, Eliezer and friends were able to visit some of the many “untouchable” villages that Pr Joseph visits. In these places Pr Joseph regularly shares the Gospel, and helps provide people with daily necessities such as food and clothes.


Many exciting things are happening in India


One evening they were able to visit the Good News Children’s Care Centre in Nandiwada, where the children put on a programme. This centre is one of two children’s centres, the other being in the village of Moturu. The centre in Nandiwada is now an official school. The children from surrounding villages come to the centre, where they are educated, given food, and told about Jesus. Many families in the villages have come to accept Jesus into their lives as a result of the kindness they see his followers showing their children.

Many exciting things are happening in India. GNU is on TV with the local GNU TV Programme, through which many people hear the Good News in the surrounding villages. Many people have came to accept Jesus into their lives through watching this programme. There is also the Blessy Old Age Care Centre, where “untouchable” elderly who have been rejected and left homeless can live.

The impact of the ministry in India can be felt by many people in numerous villages, and countless lives are being touched and transformed by the power of the Gospel.

– Ella Rodionoff


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