The Eternal Triangle… by Des Ford

Feb 3, 2015 2424


If the love that leads to marriage lacks the one essential thing, then marriage can be hell. What is that essential?

We hunger for the answer. We are tragically aware that any moron can get married, but it takes a near genius to remain married. We know that the mere signing of a contract to construct a great building is a long way from the building itself.

So again we ask – what is the essential element for marriage? The answer is: a third person. No, not the cursed triangle that preludes disaster. Rather, the third person is Christ who, as the second member ‘of the Godhead, is already married to humanity.

At Bethlehem the greatest marriage of all time was consummated.

This was the only marriage entirely prompted by perfect love, when divinity united with humanity. All the wedding unions of every day (and their anniversaries) tell the same message as Bethlehem. Every human project, every human institution, depends for its success on the unselfish love only the child of Bethlehem can bring.

Blessed be God. He so loved the world that he gave … So must we. Let us give and forgive in every human relationship till the Bethlehem choirs start all over again.

– Des Ford. Rom 8:27–32 (From “Love’s Eternal Tie”)

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