Evangelist Duncan Wood Emerges From Behind the Camera

Sep 4, 2015 1451


Evangelist Duncan Wood preaching the gospel.

Duncan Wood is better known as GNU’s Production Manager. That’s how he shares the gospel. However, during our recent trip to Africa and Europe, another side of Duncan emerged – Evangelist Duncan Wood.

The crowds of people loved to hear Duncan’s powerful personal testimony and gospel stories. He was given the name “Evangelist Duncan Wood” by the locals in Africa. Duncan preaches the gospel by any means possible, whether that means behind or in front of the camera!

I am blessed to be partners with Duncan and with so many others, including you the reader, whom God has called to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to all creation.

Here are some photos (below) of Duncan in action. – Eliezer Gonzalez


Evangelist Duncan sharing the gospel at a school for disabled children in Uganda. David Kayumba is translating.


Evangelist Duncan preaching in Brussels.


Evangelist Duncan preaching with a local interpreter in Kampala, Uganda.

Kayumba David

Sep 4, 2015

GNU is blessed with great and talented people. Ev. Duncan should move more and more; he is indeed a great evangelist. He leaves people wanting to hear more.

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