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Aug 3, 2018 1181

From Eli's Desk

Dear Friend

I recently read an astonishing news article about a Florida couple who were arrested for selling tickets to heaven! The amazing thing is that hundreds of people actually bought the tickets, at $99.99. They were assured that all they had to do was simply present their ticket at the pearly gates, and they were in! When police arrested this couple, they found them in possession of over $10,000 in cash, drug paraphernalia, and – oddly enough – a baby alligator! The things people will do for money!

How sad it is that so many people in the world really do want to get to heaven, but they simply can’t bring themselves to accept that it’s a free gift! Similarly, how sad it is that fraudsters who preach lies like this Florida couple can easily defraud people of their money! And this is happening at the same time as faithful servants of God are praying for the means to share the truth!

This tells us that that there are two things people love. They love lies above the truth, and they love money above the Gospel. This is exactly what the Apostle Paul tells us in Romans 1:25: They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator.

The truth about God is that he’s so wonderfully kind that he offers you salvation without price. There’s nothing you can do to pay for it. All you can do is accept it. Instead of worshipping Christ, the Creator and Lord of All, many people worship and serve money.

There’s wonderful freedom in accepting the gracious gift of God: your eternal salvation. And everyone who’s done that will realise that money is worthless unless it’s put first into God’s hand for the growth of the Kingdom of God.

Grace and peace


ELIEZER GONZALEZ Senior Pastor, Good News Unlimited

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