Generation For Ever

Sep 19, 2022 859

Generation For Ever

Generation For Ever

My son keeps calling me a “boomer,” and from his perspective, not in a flattering way. He’s actually not correct. I actually belong to Gen X.

There’s a problem with all these generations, and that is no matter what generation you belong to, you’re bound to be replaced by the next one.

However, I’m excited to tell you that, more than anything, I belong to Generation For Ever!

“What’s that?” I hear you ask? It’s the generation that’s going to live for ever!

Gen For Ever is different to any other generation. For starters, you can belong to it even if you already belong to another generation.

And, unlike other generations, which you had no choice in being born into, you can choose to belong to Gen For Ever. In fact, anyone who wants to can belong!

Jesus said that when you believe in him, you have eternal life. Remember, Trust in Jesus. Be part of Generation For Ever!

Elizezer Gonzalez

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