OIKOS Small Group Resources

Good News Unlimited is working together with OIKOS in the establishment and nurturing of Gospel Fellowships internationally.


OIKOS Australia is a friendship ministry to the many new expressions of church that are emerging today.

There is a fresh move of the Holy Spirit changing the way of ‘being church’, moving us back to ways that the first Christians would have recognised. This is in line with what we see happening across the world.

We are teams of volunteers seeking to be friends to simple relational churches whether within denominations or independent groups. We encourage networking on a friendship basis and provide resources, seminars and a quarterly magazine.

OIKOS encourages ways of church that are non-hierarchical and grassroots, and of gatherings in small groups to enable relationships to develop and go deeper.

OIKOS does not run home churches. There are no ‘OIKOS home churches’. Nor are we a ‘covering’ for home churches or exercise any authority over them. Jesus Christ is the ‘covering’ for His church and no other is needed.

OIKOS sometimes supports and encourages the beginnings of Home Churches but then moves aside for the group to develop in the way God would have them. We continue as a friend if the group so wishes.

Home/house church is a generic term. It is not the venue that is descriptive, but rather the way of being church. Church sometimes meets in lounge rooms, offices, factories, coffee shops, aged facilities, prisons and even car parks.